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A Quick Look at What’s New with the Medigate Knowledge Base

Gal Sapir

Technical Writer & Knowledge Base Manager

16 Nov, 2021 • 2 minutes read

We’re happy to share that we’ve revamped the Medigate Knowledge Base! It’s now easier to get valuable information and resources to help you make the most of the Medigate Platform. 

After receiving direct requests from our customers for more contextual information on healthcare-specific device security and management capabilities, we’ve created easily consumable content you can access whenever you need it. The result is our continually growing, ever-evolving Knowledge Base. 

This update puts all the research that our team has worked tirelessly to document at your fingertips. It builds upon our white-glove approach to healthcare device management and security, so you can: complete tasks more quickly, make data-driven decisions, and maximize the value of your device investments and operations.

The Makeup of the Knowledge Base 

The Knowledge Base is a comprehensive hub for all things Medigate. It contains up-to-date tools, information, and documentation to help you improve the security and efficiency of your environment. 

It is organized into categories that come with easy-to-follow instructions for the different dashboard settings, platform capabilities, integrations, and other things we hope you find useful. Topics cover a wide range of areas: managing IoT/IoMT devices, network policies, configuring alerts, reducing asset risk, device utilization analysis, and many more.


The goal is to provide you with up-to-date, reliable, and consistent support for your questions about Medigate’s products and services, when they come up. When new features are released, we’ll add new training manuals; when there are further questions, we’ll add new topics to the Knowledge Base. 


Getting Started


The Knowledge Base is accessible 24/7 for all Medigate users. From the Help Center on the Home page, you can get a full-screen view; and from every dashboard page, widgets or direct links connect you to content. 

The Knowledge Base is also available from Medigate’s user community, MedHeads.

Whether you know what you’re looking for or are looking for a place to start, there are multiple ways to use the Knowledge Base. Simply browse topics, initiate a general search to view related articles, or click on the links in the dashboard. Switch between viewing Knowledge Base articles side-by-side or full screen at any time.


If you have questions or feedback about the Knowledge Base, we’d love to know! Please contact 

Gal Sapir

Technical Writer & Knowledge Base Manager

16 Nov, 2021 • 2 minutes read

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