As the conflict in Eastern Europe at the Russia-Ukraine border escalates, an expected increase in targeted cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure is occurring. The reality of any cyber conflict is that the range of cyber bullets isn’t bound by the law of gravity, and can impact unintended targets. As this global situation develops, we will share updates as we learn more about emerging threats or tactics.

During the last Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Petya and Not-Petya Ransomware attacks crippled many healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs). Currently, a wide range of cyber-attacks are being launched against the Ukrainian government and other critical infrastructure, with counter-attacks also occurring.

Here are some proactive recommendations to protect your healthcare enterprise::

Eight Things to Do As Cyberattacks Escalate During Conflicts

Claroty’s Aperture podcast with Security veteran Patrick Miller about securing critical infrastructure

In addition, as new zero-day vulnerabilities or threats are identified, the Medigate platform will be updated as needed. We are closely following the cybersecurity developments and our Customer Success team is ready to support any work your HDO requires to improve your security posture.

Healthcare is a critical infrastructure for all our communities, and our hope is to be more prepared during this conflict.

Additional Updates:

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