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Announcing Clinical Device Efficiency

Samuel Hill

Director of Product Marketing

26 Oct, 2021 • 4 minutes read

The typical clinical device in a hospital setting is idle around 58% of the time. So, why is it so hard for our front-line healthcare teams to find one when they need it? I should know. I spent seven years as a patient care tech in the Emergency Room and have walked the hospital hallways to find and retrieve our missing IV Pumps!

Over the last year, Medigate has been hard at work to help solve this challenge. We heard from many of our excellent customers about some unique ways they would like to use the data we have in our platform to help them better manage their fleet of clinical devices. In the same way, they have used Medigate’s data to improve their security and network operation. It is time to turn our attention to some biomedical use cases and deliver the same level of support our customers have come to expect.

With COVID (hopefully) in retreat, healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) can renew their focus on the Quadruple Aim of healthcare. Every HDO has thousands of medical devices used by thousands of nurses, and each costs thousands of dollars. By improving the utilization and management of these devices, HDOs can significantly lower the per capita cost of delivering care and enhance the quality of the work-life for their front-line care teams.

Medigate is announcing today the launch of our Clinical Device Efficiency (CDE) module. We built this new module on the foundation of our highly accurate device data. By integrating this data into the standard device management software, the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), CDE enables it to become a dynamic record of truth for the HDO.

What does CDE bring?

Data Quality: With bi-directional integrations with the leading CMMS vendors, Medigate enriches inventoried asset profiles with algorithms tuned to eliminate data discrepancies and redundancies in the CMMS.

Combination of Location, Utilization, and Inventory Data: Beyond accurate data in the CMMS, Medigate delivers advanced details about the device location and utilization rates. Now, an HDO can know the device, location, utilization rates and plan operations accordingly.

Actionable Recommendations: The CDE dashboard will provide digested recommendations for efficiency improvement and ROI optimization to understand clinical context and workflows. Such depth of knowledge helps prioritize the most critical work that BioMed needs to do and helps reduce the time they spend searching for lost devices.

Automated Workflows: Knowing what to do next is half the battle, so CDE helps automate workflows through existing management and ticketing systems. This integration dramatically improves the operational efficiency and effectiveness of BioMed by eliminating many manual routines,

The end goal that we consistently worked towards was to bring new ways to use our device data and expand the ways HDOs streamline their workflows. As one of our customers said, “The Medigate platform begs collaboration, and our leadership can all work off the same sheet of music to make data-driven decisions.”

Here are a few examples of how our beta customers have used the data in the Medigate CDE module to lower their per capita cost of delivering care and improve the work-life of their front-line care teams:

  • Discovered thousands of devices that had not connected to the network in over 6 months. They were able to locate them and ensure they were available for use.
  • Avoided spending $700k on new devices by optimizing existing device utilization.
  • Improved C-Arm utilization to meet patient demand that saved over $2M.
  • Located 70+ devices that were active on the network but had missed preventative maintenance.
  • Noticed that radiology did not use a PET scanner in the afternoons, so they saved $3M by not buying a new one and still opened up more appointment slots for the patients who needed it.

Every day, in every hospital, a nurse is looking for an IV pump. When they cannot readily find one, this triggers a costly cascade of device management issues, resulting in the HDO buying more devices. Front-line care teams come first for an HDO, so their anecdotal and subjective reporting has traditionally been the only source of information used to make device procurement decisions. With the Medigate platform and the CDE module, HDOs can equip their decision-makers with factual and objective information to help them make better decisions regarding device allocation, procurement, and life cycle management.

I hope the data in the Medigate platform can help your HDO make informed decisions to lower your per capita cost of delivering care and improve the overall work-life quality of those who directly care for patients.

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Samuel Hill

Director of Product Marketing

26 Oct, 2021 • 4 minutes read

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