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Clinical Cyber Hygiene

Helping healthcare organizations understand their device risks by analyzing, mapping, and aggregating unmanaged endpoint risk.

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Medigate has made wonderful strides in the area of vulnerability management and alert tracking. We have been really pleased. I can say that safely. We are definitely leveraging the tool, but we are getting more people involved in the use of the tool.

The insights we are gaining and sharing both internally and externally, has strengthened our business and furthered our mission to provide unparalleled patient experiences.

Medigate exhibited that they integrated with other vulnerability management systems, and that was a key attribute for us as well. Medigate builds the most confidence from a medical perspective. The system has been good.

Key Benefits

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    Customized Risk Framework

    The HDO can customize the structure of Medigate’s device risk score framework based on their inputs and risk assessment.

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    Risk Score Simulation

    Allows HDOs to calculate the potential risk of hypothetical device configurations and remediation activities.

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    Clinically Aware Scanning

    Identity-aware scanning information supports appropriate inclusion/exclusion of IoT and IoMT devices in vulnerability management scans.

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    Remediation Recommendations

    Provides fixes and patch recommendations for IoT/IoMT devices.

Use Cases

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    Searchable MDS2 Files

    With a library of MDS2 files, you can quickly find the most up to date information about your devices from the manufacturer without manually searching for them.

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    Clinically Aware Vulnerability Management

    Ensure that any VM scanning is done when your devices are not performing patient care and that devices which cannot support VM scanning are excluded.

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    Vulnerability Reporting

    As CVE’s and recalls are announced, receive accurate and actionable alerts to assist you with assigning the most critical work first and keeping your devices secure.

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    Compromised Device Alerting

    Taking feeds from multiple sources in the security stack, potentially compromised devices are flagged and you are alerted.

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