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Clinical Device Efficiency

Medical device supply chains are challenging to manage. Clinical Device Efficiency delivers the insights and benchmarked recommendations required to optimize device utilization and return on investment.

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CDE enables all sorts of maintenance program benefits that we have already used to build business cases challenging scheduled capital spending. The data made clear we had room to improve the utilization of existing imaging systems and device fleets.

The launch of CDE underscores Medigate’s leadership in the healthcare device management space and their continued commitment to innovation that will help HDOs meet the evolving needs of patient care.

I wanted to know where all of my infusion pumps were across all of my locations. Medigate’s solution allows us to go into any one of our campuses and quickly identify the IP addresses along with the port numbers.

Key Benefits

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    Exceptional Data Quality

    Enrich inventoried asset profiles with algorithms tuned to eliminate data discrepancies and redundancies in the CMMS.

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    Location, Utilization, and Inventory Data

    Bring dynamic data into the CMMS to help drive operational decisions.

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    Actionable Recommendations

    The dashboard provides digested recommendations for efficiency improvement and ROI optimization.

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    Automated Workflows

    Dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of workflows by eliminating many manual routines.

Use Cases

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    Alternative Equipment Maintenance Schedules

    It is costly and time-consuming to perform PM on a device that has only been used sparingly throughout the year. By leveraging an AEM, the device can undergo the required PM when it needs, based on usage, saving CE time and effort.

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    Low Impact PM

    When it is time for PM, quickly finding the device helps speed the process. Additionally, knowing the operating schedule of a device allows the PM to be completed during its ‘off’ hours and reduces the impact on patient care.

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    Infection Control

    Nurses often use a device in an environment requiring it to undergo sanitation before being reintroduced to the available pool of devices. Knowing location and utilization allows this to be enforced and lessens the infection risk to staff and patients from improperly sanitized devices.

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    Recall Management

    Medigate tracks device recalls, providing visibility to the real-time location of affected devices. With integration into their ticketing system, BioMed can take the correct action quickly.

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    Up-to-Date Inventory

    CDE transforms a disconnected, static physical inventory in the CMMS and transforms it into a fully connected and dynamic digital system. CDE fixes inherent CMMS inventory data deficits, and asset coverage and data management problems are resolved.

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    Demand-Driven Allocation

    Consistently tracking where devices are needed will help ensure they are distributed appropriately and can be dynamically adjusted based on need or volume. This dynamic allocation creates a more balanced device fleet and reduces the time a nurse spends looking for a needed device.

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    Locate Lost & Missing Devices

    The number of devices in the fleet can incrementally grow as more are acquired to replace those marked as lost or missing in the CMMS. By locating these ‘extra’ devices, BioMed can return them to use and avoid expensive replacements.

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    Increased Utilization

    With an average of 42% utilization rate, connected medical devices sit idle most of the time. By increasing the usage rate per device, Nurses can accomplish more with a potentially smaller number of overall devices.

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