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Visibility, Insights, and
Anomaly Detection

Medigate passively discovers devices and begins providing accurate and granular details on the IoT and medical devices connecting to the network.

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We are seeing real, tangible benefits from Medigate now, but in another 6 or 12 months, we will be able to drive even more decisions because we will have a good spectrum of data analyses. Real data is driving the outcomes and business decisions.

The cost savings are based on data. I have spoken to leaders across the country who are using the Medigate tool, and we all talk about the value. There is value that we aren't fully realizing yet because there is so much data. The system will help drive so many decisions and help our health system achieve our goals. I am very excited.

Medigate's solution has a very light touch with the devices and doesn't impact their usability. We are frequently surprised by things we find in our environment that we didn't know were tucked away in closets but that were still sitting on the network.

Key Benefits

  • Professional,Medical,Doctors,Working,In,Emergency,Medicine.,Portrait,Of,The
    Alerts and Anomaly Detection

    Identify risks, including plain text credentials, unencrypted personal health information (PHI), vulnerabilities, and outdated versions.

  • In,The,System,Control,Room,Technical,Operator,Works,At,His
    Network Communications

    Maps inter-device relationships (World Map, Communication Matrix, VLANs Matrix).

  • Doctor,Pressing,Button,Security,Virus,Shield,Search,Magnifier,In,Healthcare
    Dynamic Threat Intelligence

    Delivers tailored, healthcare-specific indicators of compromise

  • Health,Protection.,Medical,And,Health,Care,,Documents,On,Office
    Vulnerability Assessments

    Passively assesses and correlates vulnerabilities for IoT and IoMT devices (no credentials needed).

Use Cases

  • CORE-Page-Icon-Granular-Device-Details-200x200

    Granular Device Details

    Using DPI to accurately and completely profile all connected clinical devices.

  • CORE-Page-Icon-Device-Language-Parsing-200x200

    Proprietary Device Language Parsing

    True understanding of network traffic, based on accurate interpretations of device languages.

  • CORE-Page-Icon-Actionable-Recommendations-200x200

    Actionable Recommendations

    Allowing data to drive and improve operational behavior.

  • CORE-Page-Icon-Meaningful-Integrations-200x200

    Meaningful Integrations

    Accurate data to inform and augment the wide range of HDO applications.

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