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Forbes Names Medigate “Top 20 IoT Cybersecurity” Company

Jonathan Langer

CEO and Co-founder

28 May, 2020 • 3 minutes read

I am pleased to announce that Forbes Magazine has selected Medigate to its list of “Top 20 IoT Startups to Watch in 2020”. The award notes healthcare’s explosive adoption of our platform and how quickly we’ve established our leading position in the solution market. On behalf of the Medigate team, I want to say thank you to Forbes, as your recognition is greatly appreciated. And, to my colleagues at Medigate, please accept my heartfelt “congratulations,” as based on your distinguished efforts, we have yet another reason to celebrate.

As stated in the Forbes article, “Medigate’s mission is to protect every clinical network from cyberattacks.” And while that statement is accurate, it doesn’t fully explain the value of Medigate’s healthcare-dedicated focus. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to reinforce why our commitment to the care provider connected landscape has allowed us to be so successful.

Forbes recognizes how Medigate’s clinically-specialized platform is disrupting the way assets connected to clinical networks are managed and cyber-secured. Because healthcare deals with human life, its asset management challenges are highly nuanced and its networks are the most targeted attack surface across industry. Put simply, the security vulnerabilities addressed by Medigate pose risks to systems and patients that are unacceptable and must be defended against.

Let’s face it, the devices that comprise clinical networks are often connected to patients. These devices not only store and transmit sensitive, private patient information back to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) but obviously, they are integral to patient care, so they must be readily accessible, well maintained and secure. However, because these devices connect to patients and often run proprietary communication protocols, asset management and security techniques typical of other industries not only don’t work, but are prohibited. In fact, they are considered dangerous. That’s why our innovations around the continuous and dynamic profiling of these devices are being recognized, because relative to other industries, Medigate has resolved a unique and timely set of challenges.

Through the use of passive network monitoring techniques that safely parse the information required to identify and fully profile the devices connected to hospital networks, we not only deliver the visibility that’s long been missing, but provide a common data foundation. And that’s proven to be a game-changer. Essentially, we deliver the reference architecture required to finally bring cross-functional teams together in a clinically-relevant security context. This has not only allowed us to incorporate advanced security practices into established clinical workflows, but also, drive logically converging practices, automate outdated routines and close the loop through integrations with security enforcement and incident response systems.

Furthermore, our focus on the devices found on hospital networks means that we’re able to justify our extensive research into device operating requirements and apply it. We do it in the form of continuously enriching and contextualizing the data foundation we maintain, ensuring relevant, naturally adopted operational enhancements. The resulting improvements have raised the profile of IT Security, Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) and Procurement professionals, as we strengthen their respective ROI missions by monetizing their collective contributions to enterprise network security.

This award sits high on our list of honored distinctions. Again, my thanks to Forbes, to our team at Medigate and finally, to our clients and partners. Your essential feedback drives the development of our platform. And your willingness to promote our joint success ensures our continued growth. Thank you and stay safe!

Jonathan Langer

CEO and Co-founder

28 May, 2020 • 3 minutes read

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