Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Medigate as a Leader in Medical Device Security

Offir Levy

Director of Sales Engineering

06 Sep, 2020 • 5 minutes read

At Medigate, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to give our customers the visibility and control they need to manage and secure all the devices in their network. We do it for the satisfaction of knowing we are helping health systems to run better and safer while delivering stellar patient care. However, it’s always rewarding to receive accolades that demonstrate our work is resonating within the industry and making a true difference. That’s why we are thrilled to receive Frost and Sullivan’s “Enabling Technology Leadership Award for Medical Device Security.”

This recognition from Frost and Sullivan is one more proof point showing that our laser focus on the healthcare industry– as well as our ongoing commitment to addressing the specific cybersecurity needs of medical, IoMT and IoT devices within clinical networks– is paying off. In their write-up of this award, Frost and Sullivan noted “that medical devices pose a unique challenge for information technology (IT) security”, which is why we strive to not only provide solutions that protect clinicians and patients, but do so in a way that allows for greater clinical efficiency and care.

Challenges with device security in healthcare

The uniqueness of healthcare networks is what makes them so difficult to secure with general purpose security solutions. Frost & Sullivan’s own research reveals there are several factors that add to the challenge of securing medical devices, which boil down to:

  • Patient privacy and safety risks – many of the capabilities used to secure general IT can’t be used for devices in healthcare networks because they can interfere with the delivery of patient care. If traffic is blocked or operations disrupted, it can impact a patient’s treatment and possibly jeopardize outcomes.
  • Technological challenges – many of the devices in healthcare networks rely on proprietary protocols and operating systems that are not easily decipherable or interoperable for general purpose solutions, making them difficult to accurately identify and manage.
  • Process inefficiencies – many clinical engineering departments are forced to revert to time consuming, manual inventories to try to get the information needed to make effective procurement, management, preventative maintenance, and other decisions.

As a result, Frost & Sullivan notes, “there are growing demands for solutions that ensure complete visibility of medical devices, along with detection and prevention capabilities, to combat potential security risks, while also making the healthcare environment more automated and efficient.”

Medigate’s Healthcare Focus Makes All the Difference

Serving all the different constituents involved in managing and protecting the devices within healthcare networks – clinical engineering, biomed, IT, security – is a tall order, which is why we’ve been investing in building out our healthcare-specific expertise over the past years. Frost & Sullivan noticeably recognized these efforts, classifying Medigate as the company who “provides the industry’s only truly dedicated medical device security platform.”

Our ability to accurately identify what devices are connecting to the network and what they are doing is based on the tireless efforts of our Medigate Research Team. They have consistently worked to document and understand all the different devices, protocols, and workflows that operate within health systems. It is our healthcare knowledge database, which is the largest and most complete in the industry, that enables us to deliver the visibility and protection healthcare organizations need to optimize their operations and patient care.

Frost & Sullivan found that we “ensure full visibility of all of the medical and Internet of Things devices connecting to the network, while detecting and preventing potential threats, automating device inventories, and simplifying clinical-based policy enforcement and micro-segmentation. With a breadth of expertise in medical device protection, Frost & Sullivan appreciates how Medigate’s platform enables providers to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of critical treatment and the reliable protection of patient information.”

This is a key differentiator we provide insights into the make, model, OS, embedded software versions, location and utilization of devices, as well as assess the risks posed by each connected device. We can discern whether a device is doing something that isn’t intended by the manufacturer or part of normal clinical workflows or is vulnerable to exploit because of its software dependencies. We can then recommend clinically-vetted policy and enforcement actions that ensure threats can be addressed without interfering with a device’s ongoing operations.

It is these full-circle capabilities that allow us to support the varied needs of stakeholders within health systems. “From a value perspective, Frost & Sullivan feels that Medigate properly positions itself as a truly cross-organizational platform for the healthcare system while supporting IT security, clinical engineering departments, and medical staff. It provides a passive network-based solution tailored to the unique and sensitive needs of the healthcare space.”

I invite you to read the full report so you can see Frost & Sullivan’s analysis of our solution, as well as understand why they concluded, “With its deep healthcare expertise, innovative mindset, and passion-driven performance, Medigate earns the 2020 Frost & Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award.”

Offir Levy

Director of Sales Engineering

06 Sep, 2020 • 5 minutes read

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