On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, three vulnerabilities of medium severity have been identified in Philips MRI products. This impacts the 1.5T/3T products with 5.x.x software versions. These devices are widely used in healthcare environments, and the impact radius is large. If exploited, these vulnerabilities allow an unauthorized user to:

  • Run the software
  • Modify device configuration
  • Export data
  • Access PHI
  • Other exfiltration


The release document is found here.


Affected devices: Philips MRI 1.5T/3T products with 5.x.x software versions

Remediation steps: 

Philips plans to release a software upgrade to remediate these vulnerabilities by October 2022, until then, they recommend operating the Philips MRI machines within authorized specifications, ensuring physical and logical controls are implemented.


Already on the Threat Intel Feed. The vulnerability is on the dashboard.

Can Medigate users detect this vulnerability?

Yes, we are detecting Philips MRI products in these versions.

Medigate Recommends:

  • Identify all impacted devices in your environment
  • Ensure physical & logical controls are implemented (micro-segmentation)
  • Observe traffic for anomalies until patch is available
  • Install patch from Phillips once it is released (Oct 2022)

Examples for potentially affected devices

  • Ingenia
  • Achieva
  • Ingenia Elition X
  • Ingenia Ambition X
  • Ingenia


As always, reach out to your Medigate team for further information or assistance in executing the remediation steps.