Medigate Named Leader in Healthcare IoT Market

Jonathan Langer

CEO and Co-founder

09 Nov, 2020 • 3 minutes read

New KLAS Decision Insights Report

It is always an honor to be recognized, but being named a leader in the newly released KLAS Decision Insights Report on Healthcare IoT is particularly meaningful because it is reflective of customer thoughts and opinions. KLAS “spoke with 51 healthcare organizations to understand which vendors are being selected and why and to glean early insights into customer satisfaction.” So, we were thrilled to get confirmation that our commitment to our customers and the healthcare industry at large is making a real difference in the healthcare IoT cybersecurity market.

We know that healthcare networks are unlike any other networks, with a wide variety of unique device types, operating systems, proprietary protocols and clinical workflows. To accurately profile and assess the risks of devices connecting to clinical networks takes a mix of deep medical and cybersecurity expertise. This is something we have focused on since day one, building out the industry’s largest device and protocol database that allows our platform to deliver health systems a level of detail and insight like no other.

One CISO that KLAS interviewed noted that “Two things stood out about Medigate, and that is why we chose them. First, the detailed information that we received from the medical devices was deep, and the information gave us a lot of enrichment of data. That really came to light when our biomed people looked at the product and felt that they could use the information to understand the utilization of different scanners.”

Thanks to our understanding of medical devices and clinical workflows, we have been able to give health systems, large and small, the insight they need to understand exactly what devices they have and how those devices are communicating in their environment. Customers have told us it was like turning on a giant spotlight, after working with only the flicker of a match, when they started using Medigate.

KLAS points out that “organizations are also beginning to look beyond core capabilities…to factors like cost, ROI, expertise, and vendor culture when making buying decisions.”

The CISO referenced in the report noted “The other big thing was [Medigate’s] flexibility in terms of working with our hospital directly to provide quick changes. Medigate is a young company, but they provide very quick changes to their entire system. We were almost a part of the development and strategy team as the vendor built out the system.”

Because of the unique nature of healthcare networks, it has been extremely important to us to work closely with our customers to ensure we are truly addressing their specific medical and IoT device challenges. It is why you will see feedback from customers materialize in our platform. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an esoteric protocol or the way information is presented in the dashboard, we take it all in. We then try to figure out how to use all the different inputs to make our solution better for the health systems we serve.

Just as healthcare networks are always evolving, so are we. We know our job is never done, and we are focused on rising to the challenge and doing whatever we need to do to address the ever-evolving healthcare and threat landscape. We believe our commitment to our customer’s success is reflected in our overall performance score−95.6 out of 100−which was the highest in the KLAS report. Download the report here.

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Jonathan Langer

CEO and Co-founder

09 Nov, 2020 • 3 minutes read

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