Medigate Wins SINET 16 Innovator Award

Jonathan Langer

CEO and Co-founder

23 Sep, 2020 • 2 minutes read

This week, Medigate was named one of the Security Innovation Network’s (SINET) 16 most innovative and compelling companies for 2020. SINET is a global organization “dedicated to building a cohesive, worldwide Cybersecurity community with the goal of accelerating innovation through collaboration.”

Medigate was selected by a panel of over 100 industry experts out of hundreds of emerging cybersecurity companies across the globe. Given the talent pool and competitive environment, it’s a true testament to the dedication of Medigate’s team that we were able to break through as a leading cybersecurity company making a tangible difference. 

This point is only further highlighted when you investigate the criteria behind the award, which selected winners based on the following criteria:

  • The urgency in the marketplace for their products and solutions
  • How innovative and unique their solutions are
  • How well their products and technologies solve real and significant cybersecurity problems
  • What advantages exist over other solutions
  • The companies’ ability to succeed based on the state of their product, capital, and leadership

Looking at this list, it’s easy to be excited by the fact we were chosen based on our product strength and our position as a market leader. However, I can’t help but also zero in on the requirement that SINET 16 Innovators “solve real and significant cybersecurity problems.” 

At Medigate’s core, this is what we’re built to do– solve real, critical problems in the healthcare landscape. Not only to protect critical devices and information, but the people who rely on this technology to receive the highest level of medical treatment. When staff and patients enter the hospital, they need to know that they’ll be safe at all times. We don’t see this as another technology breakthrough, rather it is imperative in today’s hyper connected world that our team continues its strong work to secure our medical partners and the millions of people under their care.  

I’d like to thank the SINET judging committee for this recognition and to congratulate our fellow winners on their success. This accolade is the latest in a strong 2020 for Medigate and further demonstrates that our message and mission continue to resonate across the globe.

Jonathan Langer

CEO and Co-founder

23 Sep, 2020 • 2 minutes read

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