Medigate’s Award Winning Device Security Platform is now Available on Cortex

Jonathan Langer

Jonathan Langer

May 29


Deploying new security solutions used to mean more equipment, cumbersome integrations and additional resources, but not anymore. With Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex, healthcare delivery organizations can start monitoring their networks for risky device behaviors as effortlessly as downloading an app to their phones.

We have partnered with Palo Alto Networks to boost cybersecurity in hospitals. Together, we discover and inventory every connected medical and IoT device on the network and secure them with automated, clinically-based security policies. If we detect suspicious or malicious behaviors – including CVEs like BlueKeep, attacks like Wannacry – Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls block or quarantine them and keep them from spreading to other systems.

Medigate App on Cortex

The process starts with Medigate fingerprinting each connected device with high granularity, leveraging Medigate’s clinical expertise and familiarity with proprietary medical device communication protocols, using a custom signature database it creates for Palo Alto Networks Firewalls. The Medigate app also analyzes the logs and detects both network and security anomalies, generating alerts for version control, vulnerabilities, and other security issues. Based on the enhanced visibility and insights from Medigate’s analysis, clinical and IoT security policies are enforced and network segmentation can be executed by Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Security Platform.

For example, once Medigate discovers all MRI devices on the network, HDOs can deny their access to the Internet or other network zones in their clinical network. They may also allow it to communicate only with its dedicated imaging server, and only using predefined ports and proprietary protocols set by the manufacturer. As such, the MRI could communicate with its imaging server in DICOM protocol, while SMB packets will be restricted. 

Accessing the Medigate app through Cortex means HDOs gain enhanced visibility to all their connected devices, detect out-of-order communications, and automatically enforce security policies without having to install any new hardware or software. The seamless integration of Medigate’s platform and its workflows with Palo Alto Networks firewalls and the simple installation through Cortex makes boosting medical and IoT device security swift and simple. No additional hardware to install.

Download the Medigate App on Cortex today. Learn more about how the Medigate platform can boost your device security.