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Network Policy Management

Device protection via automated, network-centric policy orchestration and enforcement.

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The biggest outcome is the actual implementation of our network-segmentation strategy. The product is highly reliable and works exactly as expected. It does absolutely everything exactly the way it is supposed to. We plan to use the system indefinitely.

[Urgent/11] Without Medigate, my investigations would have been manual, taken weeks and left me with little confidence in the accuracy of my own findings.

The Medigate system gave us a knowledge of our inventory that we were struggling to have. We are able to stop the risks. We can prioritize devices and assess what risks we really do have on the network.

Key Benefits

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    Network Policy Recommendations

    Out-of-the-box network security policy recommendations that incorporate clinical context.

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    Dynamic Network Policies

    User-defined device groups and profiles based on observed traffic and contextualized recommendations.

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    Policy Impact Simulation

    Identifies how network policy changes will affect operations before implementation.

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    Meaningful Partner Integrations

    Dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of workflows by eliminating many manual routines.

Use Cases

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    Medigate Recommended Policies

    Device & network awareness that enables accurate recommendations for policy enforcement as a starting point for network operators.

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    Clinical Context Awareness

    Informing the other tools in the security stack with dynamic clinical context helps network operations overall.

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    Policy Exporting

    Send the clinically informed policies to your NAC or NGFW to speed up enforcement.

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    Deviation Alerting

    Ensure all devices remain within policy through actionable policy compliance alerts.

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