Risk Assessment


Medical devices are inherently vulnerable, and healthcare providers need a structured, informed method to handle the threats they create. Medigate has developed a multi-faceted method to assess device risk, fusing external standards with its hands-on experience.

Medigate Research Labs offer a clinical cybersecurity assessment, highlighting mitigation practices and activities as part of a remediation plan to thwart potential attacks.

Risk Assessment Components

Clinical Network Survey

Medigate Research Labs analyze the provider’s clinical network topology, connected devices and modalities through available documentation, interviews and surveys.

Asset Prioritization

Medigate Research Labs assess devices and network segment risks and identify prioritized assets, considering the degree of vulnerability and importance to the provider’s operations.

Security Control Assessment

Based on the asset prioritization, Medigate examines possible attack vectors and vulnerabilities exploitable by cyber attackers. Penetration testing may be conducted in a controlled environment given provider’s approval.

Remediation Plan

Medigate formulates a remediation plan based on the findings of the previous stages, highlighting key recommended mitigation practices and activities within the clinical network.

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