Secure Your IoT and Medical Devices on a Single Platform

Jonathan Langer

Jonathan Langer

Apr 1


IoT is taking hold everywhere. Whether collecting, analyzing or moving data in a business or a hospital, the productivity and automation IoT adoption have generated is undeniable. It comes with a price tag though. That price tag is the security and governance challenges it raises. And the challenges are more significant for healthcare than other industries because medical devices and clinical IoT devices have their own proprietary protocols. You can’t segment or build automated policies unless you understand each and every one of those protocols and device profiles. Additionally, more and more groups need visibility and have a stake in the governance of the devices – IT, IS, BioMed, Facilities, Operations and more. So the million dollar question is “How do you balance the benefits of IoT with the discipline of securing it?”

There are many solution alternatives in this space and they have all chosen to build their identification and security capabilities with a different mix of techniques, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep packet inspection, and more. We’ve spent 100% of our time in hospitals, learning their environment, workflows and requirements, and it has led us to the conclusion that deep packet inspection via passive traffic analysis is the prime way to comprehensively and accurately identify all devices and understand clinical workflows while using other techniques to complement the analysis.

Decoding of protocols and meticulous deep packet inspection are the most effective techniques to understand the proprietary manufacturer’s protocols of each device. It is what enables us to provide more than 35 clinical contextual device characteristics, including OS and app version, so our partners can create automated, rule-based, clinically-driven security policies. It is also the only way to be confident that your device identification is 100% accurate.

We’ve deployed our medical device platform in hospitals around the country and our customers have loved it so much that asked us to expand into IoT so they can manage all of their devices with our platform.  We’ve been doing it for our customers, by request, for a year. Today we announced that we will officially be adding IoT devices to our award-winning platform.

What you can expect is our same commitment understanding proprietary protocols for medical devices, our same superior device discovery, detection, and protection extended to your IoT devices and a single vendor and platform to manage it all. And of course, our same responsive service because your success is our success.