Streamlining Healthcare Cybersecurity

Stephan Goldberg

Stephan Goldberg

Jun 10, 2020


Strategic Collaboration Between Medigate, Dell Technologies, and VMware Delivers a Powerful Solution to Protect Medical Devices

Healthcare delivery organizations worldwide are under a lot of stress. They are trying to mitigate the obvious risks associated with responding to a global pandemic, but they are also dealing with less obvious threats from cyberattacks that could nonetheless impact the health and well-being of their patients.

INTERPOL warns they have seen “a significant increase in cyber-attacks against hospitals around the world that are engaged in the COVID-19 response. Attacks that could ‘directly lead to deaths.’” Healthcare organizations, due to the wealth of information they hold and the vital community role they play, have long been a target of cyberattackers. But that target has grown larger recently, in part due to the rising number of devices connecting to clinical networks. 82% of healthcare organizations experienced a cyberattack on their Internet of Things (IoT) devices in a 12-month period, and that was before COVID-19.

Due to the need and criticality of healthcare networks, we at Medigate, teamed up with Dell Technologies and VMware to provide hospitals with a streamlined, single cybersecurity solution to protect their connected healthcare devices. The Medigate Device Security Platform powered by Dell Technologies and integrated with VMware NSX simplifies the deployment and management of ongoing effective protection for clinical data centers.

Medigate provides a comprehensive, detailed inventory of all the connected devices on the clinical network, as well as automated policy recommendations designed to improve the security stance of the hospital’s medical devices and ensure precise enforcement to protect the integrity of patient care. This is critical for the ongoing safety of the hospital’s operations. Only Medigate has the deep clinical expertise needed to accurately profile medical devices and craft clinically-vetted policies that account for medical protocols and workflows to ensure protection measures eliminate threats without interfering with care delivery.

VMware NSX simplifies the management of a healthcare organization’s software defined networks (SDNs), including their virtualized data center environment (SDDC). NSX also secures the SDNs by fulfilling the role of a network access control (NAC) solution and firewall to enforce policies that protect against insider threats and implement controls that contain the lateral (east-west) movement of bad actors. This network security layer keeps clinical data center components operating as they should and prevents the theft and corruption of sensitive electronic personal health information (ePHI).

NSX integrates with Medigate’s platform, taking detailed device and application information to enforce internal security policies that ensure medical and IoT devices communicate in accordance with acceptable clinical workflows and the manufacturer’s intended scope. The enforcement is done on the SDDC’s edge (ingress-egress traffic), as well as on an inner (east-west) data-center level. Combining Medigate’s visibility and clinical expertise with VMWare’s micro segmentation capabilities for SDNs gives healthcare organization the comprehensive, contextual cybersecurity platform they need to protect their connected medical devices from cyberattacks.

For more information on the powerful integration, please see the press release or contact us to get a demo.