Every Healthcare Delivery Organization (HDO) relies on trusted teams to secure their Extended Internet of Things (XIoT). Still, the problem is the threats to complex systems are increasing exponentially. This increase leaves the security team feeling concerned their connected devices will become a target for bad actors. To alleviate this, many find trusted partners to help them effectively define and manage cyber-physical risk strategies. 

We believe that you deserve an environment where cyber and physical worlds connect safely. We are as concerned as you are, so we built our Partner Ready Operational Services (PROS) to confidently empower you to lower your cyber risk.

Although the reasons for working with Medigate and PROS-certified service partners vary by organization, there are some common themes that we have observed. When customers engage with us, they typically seek an improved outcome for some area of their existing cybersecurity practice.

Based on our observations, here are the Top 5 reasons to engage Medigate and PROS certified partners.

1. Additional Skill Set Needed

Often, an organization will encounter a challenge that requires a specific skill-set or certification. The cost to hire a person to fill a role on their team is high, and finding this person is hard. Partnering with a PROS-certified partner that employs someone who can do the job is a cost-effective way to solve this challenge. Finding the right people will require thorough interviewing, evaluating their past work, and reference checks, similar to the pathway of hiring an employee. But this work will be contract-bound, and once the problem is solved, the person will be ‘off your payroll.’


2. Security Tool Integrations

Your security stack is only as good as the integrations that define it, and qualifying the value of integration and implementing it is not the same. This disconnect is evident with new and emerging security technologies, as existing security teams may not have experience with integrating them into the overall security organization. A PROS-certified partner will have a multi-disciplined approach to your security stack and will be able to currently incorporate disconnected tools and help your whole stack perform better.


3. Medigate Program Management 

Sometimes, the best way to manage a security tool is to find experts and let them do it! We have seen this approach from security teams with lots of staff and those lean and mean organizations. Each organization will have different reasons for asking a PROS-certified partner to manage their Medigate instance on a day-to-day basis. Still, some expected benefits include negotiated SLAs, remediation support, and advanced recommendations.


4. Accelerated Value

With the experience of working with many HDOs, PROS-certified partners can bring a wealth of practical knowledge to a client. Many times, customer challenges have been solved previously by a PROS-certified partner in other HDOs. This expertise speeds up the time to value from the engagement and allows for fewer mistakes in the process. Another benefit is the collaboration and knowledge transfer between the customer and PROS-certified partner teams.


5. Economies of Scale

IT and security budgets are not growing at a rate commensurate with the challenges related to managing risk. You can be confident that trained and certified partners operate far more efficiently and are experts at identifying gaps and upskilling staff for the long haul. While the cost of bringing in full-time expert employees might be too high for your existing budget, the need to have the skill remains. Partnering with a third party allows you to leverage their expertise at a fraction of the cost.


So, there you have it—some of the more common reasons customers have trusted Medigate and our PROS-certified partners. You may be concerned because your needs are not reflected in the above list, but don’t worry. We can help you with almost anything regarding your clinical device security, so let us put together a customized plan for you. Who knows? We may even update the list because of you!


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