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VMware NSX

Medigate’s detailed device inventories and automated policy recommendations are fed to VMware NSX to simplify and strengthen software defined networks (SDNs), including their virtualized data center environments (SDDC). NSX secures the SDNs by fulfilling the role of both a network access control (NAC) solution and a firewall to enforce policies that protect against insider threats and implement controls that contain the lateral movements of bad actors.

VMware vCenter Server

VMWare vCenter Server is the centralized management utility for VMware, and is used to manage virtual machines, multiple ESXi hosts, and all dependent components from a single centralized location. Medigate’s integration provides asset/systems profiling and communications monitoring intelligence to enhance security management.

VMware Workspace

VMware Workspace and Medigate have partnered to provide a powerful mobile device management and security offering. Workspace integrates Medigate’s detailed user, device and application information to enhance enforcement of security policies that ensure medical and IoT devices communicate in accordance with acceptable clinical workflows and the manufacturer’s intended scope.