Do you know what's connected to your clinical network?

Don't settle for less than 100% visibility. Every unidentified medical device is a potential cybersecurity risk, warranty risk, and HIPAA violation risk. Medigate is the only dedicated medical device cybersecurity platform that provides IT, IS and Biomed teams with tools they need to identify, manage and protect every medical device on the clinical network.

Automatically identify and fingerprint 100% of the medical devices connected to your clinical network, including their communications protocols, and associated technical attributes.
Instantly see which devices are online. Track their utilization. Manage software versions and patches. Plan maintenance and more with full integration into your existing CMMS.
Detect anomalous device and network behaviors based on clinical workflows. Prevent infected medical devices from compromising other systems.

A Single Solution that Benefits Everyone

  • Automated inventory of connected medical devices
  • Optimized asset allocation and utilization
  • Simplified management, maintenance and compliance reporting
  • Integration into existing CMMS
Information Security
Information Security
  • Device-centric, prioritized medical device risk assessment
  • Clinical anomaly detection and prevention
  • Micro segmentation through NAC integration
  • Medical device traffic restriction through firewall integration
Information Technology
Information Technology
  • Detailed knowledge of medical devices connected to clinical network
  • Identification of risks based on manufacturer protocols and clinical workflows
  • Isolation of medical devices communicating outside of manufacturer protocols

See what Medigate can do for you.

Why Medigate?
Clinical Context
Our on the ground experience plus our in-house expertise allows our solution to generate alerts that are contextually based, accurate and actionable.
Signature Database
Our medical device signature database is the most extensive in the industry. We inventory and classify all medical devices with the highest degree of accuracy.
Technology Partnerships
We have integrated with leading security vendors such as Palo Alto Networks and Cisco in order to enrich their platforms with contextual information that enables rule-based, clinically driven security policies.

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