Forbes Names Medigate “Top 20 IoT Cybersecurity” Company

Jonathan Langer | May 28

I am pleased to announce that Forbes Magazine has selected Medigate to its list of “Top 20 IoT Startups to Watch in 2020”. The award notes healthcare’s explosive adoption of our platform and how quickly we’ve established our leading position... Read More

Innovation Health Webinar Series: The Healthy Hospital Infrastructure

Tom Finn | May 21

As part of Innovation Health’s ongoing Webinar Series, the topic of “Healthy Hospital Infrastructure” was explored this past week. Arista, Forescout and Medigate co-presented, so the discussion centered-on secure, high performing clinical-networks. The partners presented a complement of capabilities, including... Read More

How Healthcare Security Professionals Can Manage and Reduce Risks

Beth Foley | May 20

While healthcare professionals have been ramping up to protect and serve patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, bad actors have also been upping their efforts. We’ve seen cyberattackers target healthcare groups and hospitals worldwide – the World Health Organization reported they’ve... Read More

How to Secure & Manage Your Evolving Healthcare IoT Environment

Drew Ganther | May 13

The current pandemic has shed light on a number of risks and opportunities within healthcare operations that can be addressed to improve ongoing patient care and delivery. One of those opportunities is healthcare IoT. Many organizations are struggling to understand... Read More

Combining Clinical Asset Management & Cybersecurity – Driving Integrated Practice

Mark Cervantes | May 12

Medigate and Burwood, our security services partner, recently hosted a webinar highlighting emerging best practices in clinical asset management and cybersecurity. Burwood has had great success integrating these traditionally discrete disciplines, and now, in partnership with Medigate, delivers the requisite... Read More

Yale-New Haven Interview: IoT Cybersecurity is a Team Sport

Tom Finn | May 5

Medigate recently sponsored a Technation Webinar entitled “IoT Cybersecurity is a Team Sport.” The webinar featured an interview of Joe Ouellette, a clinical systems engineering executive at Yale-New Haven (YNH) Health System. YNH is Connecticut’s largest provider and is consistently... Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Clinical Assets

Jonathan Langer | May 2

Hidden opportunities to cut costs and improve ROI Recent events have shown us just how critical good asset management is to the ongoing operations of healthcare delivery organizations everywhere. When the World Health Organization (WHO) put out a surge calculator... Read More

HIMSS20: Taking Cybersecurity to the Next Level

Jonathan Langer | Feb 19

Update: HIMMS20 has been cancelled, click here to learn more. We’re excited to be heading to HIMSS once again. After a year of significant growth helping healthcare organizations tackle their biggest challenges around clinical SecOps, segmentation, clinical cyber hygiene, clinical asset management, and... Read More

Healthcare IoT Cybersecurity: Disruptive Trends that Will Change the Narrative in 2020

Jonathan Langer | Jan 3

It’s said that the truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident. Based on how freely risk capital continues to flow into our solution market, it would seem... Read More

Why Don’t More Companies Have Legit Segmented Networks?

Simeon Utubor | Dec 16

How organizations can stop planning and start implementing When you ask organizations whether they segment their network, most say they are “working on it” or “plan to implement micro-segmentation soon.” Ask them 6 months later how it’s going, and you... Read More