The Medigate Platform


Our platform discovers and precisely identifies every medical device on your clinical network. Utilizing our industry-leading medical device signature database developed by Medigate Research Labs, we fingerprint each device with deep packet inspection (DPI) techniques, allowing dynamic inventory management and facilitating new detection and prevention capabilities.


The Medigate platform understands medical device protocols, existing and potential cyber threats, as well as expected device behavior. It meticulously analyzes device and network communication, as well as medical workflow patterns, to accurately detect anomalous behavior and identify threats in real time with minimal false positives.


Leveraging intelligence gathered through its visibility and detection capabilities to lower devices’ attack surface through micro-segmentation and clinically-informed VLAN assignments. The detailed device identifications enrich existing NACs and firewalls to deliver a comprehensive security suite with granular and sophisticated security policies.

Do More with Your Solution

Meaningful Data

We help you get the most out of our analysis with easy-to-use interface, clear dashboards that facilitate real-time inventory and security management and concise data that drives remediating actions.

Medigate Research Labs Customization

No two hospitals are alike, each with its network architecture, device models and unique protocols. Our Research Labs analyzes the provider’s network and tailors our platform to reach 100% device identification.

Healthcare System Offerings

We analyze data from multiple facilities deliver healthcare systems a tailored, system-level dashboard featuring overarching insights and recommending on network-wide IT, Security and Biomed-oriented actions.

Analysis and Reporting

We leverage our device-centric analysis to generate network-centric reports focused on clinical visibility, risk assessment and remediation plans with action oriented for IT, Security and Biomed teams and executives.

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The Medigate Difference

Seamless Installation

Medigate is installed without any significant changes to your network or the equipment connected to it.

Real-time Inventory

Inventory what’s connected to your network in real-time.

Tailored by Medigate

No two hospitals are alike. Our researchers will make sure your solution meets your specific needs.

Safe Solution

It’s passive and safe. We use port-mirroring and identify the risks in real-time so you can address them.

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