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Ensure your network based infrastructure runs smoothly without exposing your organization to security vulnerabilities.

IoT is Becoming a Bigger Target

It only takes one unsecured device for an organization to have its data and PHI compromised.

Turn Your Device
Data into a Powerful

Medigate puts “clinical intelligence” into its security platform so IT, IS, and biomed can truly understand what’s on the network, where it’s coming from, and what it’s doing. Clinical context gives you an advantage, enabling the accurate identification of anomalous behavior, communications and traffic patterns and the development of effective policies. Comprehensive device profiles enable you to establish additional security filters to quickly shut down segments of the network when needed and manage device lifecycles more effectively.

Align Users and the Business Around Connected Devices

Automate Business Processes and Workflows

Deep Packet Inspection (DP) delivers the device details and context required to enable health systems to make effective asset management and security decisions.

Operationalize Your Data for Greater ROI

Go beyond simply sharing information in a non-contextual way with your existing security platforms. Intelligently send commands and cross-reference data in manner that aligns workflows and automation that enable advanced security functionality, like segmentation, risk assessment, and asset management.


Medigate sends commands and properly cross-referenced data in a manner that can align workflow or automation


Informed way of sharing commands and results


Connected and sharing information in a non-contextual way (“data exchange”)

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