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Medigate is truly engaged in our business, and they understand our architecture. They understand what our goals and objectives are, and they provide us with tasks and dates that we want to get things accomplished by, and the vendor pushes for those data as hard as we do. We can email Medigate after hours and get an answer. The support people are phenomenal, and they will push a fix out almost instantly. We want to have the following tools in place because we know that we have assets that we need to track better.

We selected Medigate because they promised to identify 95% of our medical devices. Nobody could promise that I have talked to other organizations that have done bake-offs between vendors. One hospital did a bake-off between Medigate and one of the other vendors I wanted to talk to. Talking to other organizations who have done side by side comparison was very helpful, and everything pointed to Medigate.

We considered a few different vendors who all had slightly different approaches to their work. If we were comparing tools that did the same thing, we would expect to get the same results. We thought it would be better to look at different approaches. Medigate seemed to have the deepest focus on medical equipment. Everyone else was focused on broader things. We selected Medigate because of their understanding of the biomedical space and medical equipment. We also like the responsiveness of the vendor’s team; the team members are very engaged in incorporating changes that the customers ask for.

Two things stood out about Medigate, and that is why we chose them. First, the detailed information that we received from the medical devices was deep, and the information gave us a lot of enrichment of data. That really came to light when our biomed people looked at the product and felt that they could use the information to understand the utilization of different scanners. The other big thing was the vendor’s flexibility in terms of working with our hospital directly to provide quick changes.

I wanted to know where all of my infusion pumps were across all of my locations. Each set of infusion pumps located throughout the campuses has a different IP address. The IP addresses are different for different devices, and those addresses are just one small subset. We have tens of thousands of medical devices. Medigate’s solution allows us to go into any one of our campuses and quickly identify the IP addresses along with the port numbers. Before having Medigate’s solution, I had to put a packet analyzer in between the devices to understand what they needed to talk to so that I could build an access control list and protect them.

There is no silver bullet for protecting your network from connected devices. To help you on your journey, Medigate has created a detailed capabilities framework for both assessing and advancing the operational competencies essential to device security maturity. And it all starts with a deep, comprehensive inventory of your connected devices. From there it’s about how effectively that visibility is orchestrated across your converging ecosystem.

At the core of the Medigate Device Security Platform are the foundational visibility and insights that power HDO security strategies, effectively manage risk, and generate operational efficiencies. Within hours of deployment, Medigate passively discovers the IoT and medical devices connecting to the network and profiles them with granular details.

  • Visibility into network communications: Maps inter-device relationships (World Map, Communication Matrix, VLANs Matrix).
  • Threat intelligence: Delivers tailored, healthcare-specific indicators of compromise (IoCs).
  • Reporting: Provides dashboards on the HDO’s inventory, risks, alerts, vulnerabilities, communications, and compliance.

Medigate helps HDOs understand their device risks by analyzing, mapping, and aggregating data for all unmanaged endpoints. It also helps implement effective vulnerability management and orchestration strategies for these devices to reduce the attack surface area.

  • Orchestration of vulnerability scanning: Medigate’s identity-aware information supports the appropriate inclusion/exclusion of IoT and IoMT devices in vulnerability management scans. 
  • Customized risk scores: The HDO can accept risk factors and customize the structure of Medigate’s device risk score framework, based on their own inputs.
  • Device risk simulator: Calculate the potential risk score of planned configuration changes before execution and new device addition prior to being allowed on the network.

Different device types often warrant different strategies, so Medigate will methodically build and implement compensating controls that best address the risk profiles of all the different devices and clinical workflows in the environment. The goal is to do no harm, while trying to do better at keeping the environment running and secure.

Medigate’s platform integrates with leading  NAC, firewall, and SIEM solutions to enhance their overall visibility and improve the overall security stance through network-centric policy orchestration and enforcement.

  • Network policy recommendations: Medigate’s library of recommended out-of-the-box network security policies are automatically translated into environment-specific ACLs or the syntax of other applicable rule-sets, so they can be easily applied.
  • A network policy wizard: Medigate’s contextualized recommendations guide and enable network security to change based on observed traffic.
  • Aggregated risk dashboards: Visualization of the HDO’s device cybersecurity risk landscape with suggested mitigation steps and prioritized recommendations to reach target risk tolerance levels.
  • Remediation recommendations: Suggestions about fixes and patches for IoT/IoMT devices.

Medigate provides ongoing monitoring of the connected device environment, assessing, triaging, and reporting on anomalous asset behaviors. By searching for opportunities to optimize the security environment, Medigate can help ensure efficient collaboration, escalation, and alignment with existing IT, business, and traditional SOC teams and processes. 

  • Device monitoring: Continuous monitoring of device behavior, communications, and inter-device relationships.
  • Alerts and anomaly detection: identify known risks, including external malicious plain text credentials, unencrypted personal health information (PHI), vulnerabilities, and outdated versions.

Operational Efficiency helps security, IT, biomed and supply chain generate actionable recommendations that optimize the lifecycle of the clinical devices they manage. 

  • Device activity and utilization analysis: An aggregated view of utilization by device type; benchmarking and reporting to make smart comparisons, prescriptive actions, and predictive models will help make better asset management decisions.
  • Reallocate devices: Usage-based distribution to improve patient flow and satisfaction.
  • FDA recall notifications: Medigate offers the ability to quickly locate devices affected by any known recall.
  • Device location: Pinpoint the location of devices, based on wireless access points, to ensure appropriate par-leveling for the locations who need them.
  • Eliminate variance: Consolidating device vendors is a proven strategy to reduce cost and Medigate provides another set of data on existing utilization and the amount of vulnerabilities to assist these decisions.

Meet the Medigate Device Security Platform (MDSP)

MDSP decodes proprietary healthcare IoT protocols using DPI to provide the robust IoT and medical device visibility to orchestrate and integrate the entire HDO security platform.

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Medigate offers the most extensive integrations to leading platforms in the Healthcare IoT Security industry. Our data enables the HDOs firewalls, NAC, SIEM, and CMMS systems to improve the decision-making and protection capabilities for the entire security fabric.

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