We all know that cybersecurity is top of mind for healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) everywhere. Headlines from past years (heck, even past decades) show us why – hackers have a lot to gain, while hospitals and healthcare systems have a lot to try to protect.

It’s created a perfect storm, with progressively motivated hackers (medical records are 10 times more valuable than credit card info) taking advantage of healthcare’s rapidly growing attack surface (est. 2 million different kinds of medical devices in use around the globe) to find a way in and execute their attack (82% of hospitals were successfully attacked between March 2020 and September 2021). It’s a cycle that health systems are anxious to break, but that’s easier said than done.

When it comes to protecting clinical settings, the best cybersecurity technologies and experts are not enough – you need the technologies and subject matter experts that know and can implement the best cybersecurity specifically for healthcare networks. That’s why the selection of Medigate by the American Hospital Association (AHA) as a cybersecurity services provider for its Medical Device Visibility, Security, and Management services in the AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Provider (APCP) Program, matters.


The Role of AHA

The AHA is a trusted source of information for hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, with health care leaders looking to its guidance to help identify the most suitable providers to address their specific challenge areas. We don’t have to tell you the stakes for cybersecurity in HDOs are high – sometimes even life and death.

Because healthcare environments are unique, with devices, protocols, and workflows that are found nowhere else, securing them takes solutions and services purpose-built to address their specific requirements. That is why we are so focused on getting it right and why we are honored to have been selected as an AHA Preferred Cybersecurity Service Provider for medical device visibility, security, and management services.

As the COO of Claroty and co-founder of Medigate, Jonathan Langer, noted, “AHA’s preferred cyber service providers help set the standard among hospital-specific security providers. It is such a great milestone to get the recognition and verified trust that this selection signifies.”

“We went through a rigorous due diligence evaluation process with AHA and are delighted to have been selected as a preferred cybersecurity services provider,” Langer continued. “We are dedicated to protecting every clinical network from cyberattacks and committed to bringing this protection to AHA members.”

“Medigate has been selected by the AHA as an excellent solution provider for their selected services,” said John Riggi, National Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk at the AHA, “and we can confidently recommend that our hospitals and health systems nationwide can rely on their services to support their never-ending efforts to defend themselves against sophisticated cyber threats and ransomware attacks.”


More background on the American Hospital Association APCP Program

As described in the AHA website, the APCP Program was created to “aid members in their cybersecurity provider selection process. The exclusive, highly vetted service providers in the APCP Program offer AHA members exceptional value in terms of quality and pricing… [It] also includes an independent measure of quality control on behalf of members. The AHA will conduct customer satisfaction follow-ups with members to evaluate the provider’s performance and continued participation.”


What’s next

If you are looking to learn more and see for yourself the unique combination of healthcare and cybersecurity technology and expertise that Medigate, a Claroty company, brings to the market, please reach out to us at medigate.io/contact.